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RUSH Academy sustainability

One of the key challenges that so many charities in Africa face is that of sustainability. RUSH like many others currently depend on help from the UK. So, one of the things that we have been trying to do is to encourage them to work on sources of income in Kenya. 

Getting down to business – RUSH style

We’ve been in Kakamega now for 10 days and only got one day left here before we head back to Nairobi via Lake Nakuru. It’s been a great reminder out here, as usual, that makes you realise how much we take for granted.

Update on RUSH

  Andrew has just emailed an update on RUSH, kakamega. Thought it would be good to share with you all:


Pictures from Rose – RUSH School

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Third set of pics (out of four) from Rose with pictures of the school taken on our recent trip to the RUSH project in Kakamega, Kenya. A few pics at the end are of the church at Butere.


Videos from Friday

There is always so much to see at RUSH and it is tempting to try and show everything! But I suspect, dear reader, it might get too much. So we have tried to show short clips of up to a minute. Read More

Guest Blog – Angie’s week

The week has been so moving but also so humbling at times. The women’s meeting was very moving especially when they all began speaking in tongues during prayer. The women were shaking my hand and telling me their name and asking for Springfield to lift them in prayer when we return.


Videos from Thursday

One of the great things about this week is that we are able to upload our videos onto the net. We have taken out an unlimited one week tariff so that we can really hammer the 3g modem that we are using! Read More

Wednesday in Kakamega

Tuesday was the “low day” for quite a few of the party. There is quite a large adjustment that we need to make to what we see and experience in Kenya (especially far from the tourist places). The poverty and living conditions can be quite overwhelming and we don’t have the experiences to show us

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Spending the Day at the RUSH Academy

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Half of us had our first night at RUSH. We arrived yesterday and after walking into town we took a Budda-Budda back to Lucy’s (Not sure of the spelling but its a bicycle with a seat on the back). Great experience around all the pedestrians and potholes! After our evening worship we collapsed into bed.

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