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Making space for Christmas this year….

I was listening to Radio 5 yesterday and there was a very interesting debate about Christmas between the presenter Shelagh Fogarty and the financial expert Martin Lewis about Christmas. Advertisements


Quote of the Day

If you find that there is something that you need, come to one of the brothers and he will tell you how to get along without it.

Benedictine guest master to monastery guests. Quoted by Eugene Peterson in his book Practise Resurrection.

I just loved this quote. So true in so many cases. Reminded me of our time in Kenya.


Shallow small groups

How to have a superficial small group.

Great video. Hat tip to Bryony Taylor for the link

Consumerism is the drug of an unjust society

#Obama 's spiritual adviser, American evangelist Jim Wallis: "Consumerism is the drug of an unjust society" — BBC Radio 4 Today (@BBCr4today) November 24, 2010 Great interview with Jim Wallis on the Today programme. Jim Wallis has had a big influence on the church in the United States. One of his key points is that

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