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Pope Francis I – A new start?

There has been an enormous amount of excitement on the media and twitter about the new pope. Unsurprising when you think that there are some 1.2 billion Catholics in the world (there or there about).

Middle East intervention

The Pope has caused a diplomatic storm by criticising the safe-guarding of Christians in the Middle-East by regimes there. Egypt has criticised the Pope for intervening in Egypt’s internal affairs, and recalled its ambassador from the Vatican. Even Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyib who is head of the most prestigious Al-Azhar (the leading Sunni University) has waded

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One of the great things that Christians prize is unity. Looking around the Christian church you wouldn’t believe it! The squabbles and fighting show that often its the last thing that appears to be true. Indeed the pope in his recent visit to this country attempted to pull ‘rank’ by indicating that he thought that

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