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Review of the Hobbit – An unexpected journey

Bilbo starts out on his adventure in the Hobbit

Well the Hobbit – An unexpected journey, has had mixed reviews by critics. Many have complained that it is too long at just under 3 hours for just six chapters of a short book. Advertisements

Inviting friends….. to the Hobbit

The Empire Cinema has just confirmed that we can take over a screen at Sutton Cinema to go to see the Hobbit! 

Off to see the Hobbit…

Well it looks like we are nearly there. We are hoping to be able to confirm going to see the Hobbit in the next week or two!

So should we go to see The Hobbit……

Well each year we normally take 5-600 people to see a film at the local cinema. It’s been great fun and because we have lots of children it is usually a film that most will go to see. Often the film people let us see a film early – so last year we went to

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After Downton Abbey…..

Well Downton Abbey has come to the end of another series. The plot lines have become crazier, but the costumes and the house have kept a beauty to them. What to watch now?

Maybe instead read the latest article written by my daughter, Isabella, for Varsity magazine about “A Very British Obsession” which looks at our continuing fascination with the period drama setting.

Noah without the flood….

I’m probably late to the party with this but I noticed (in the Church Times online if you must know) that Tony Jordan who scripted the Nativity that was shown on the BBC last year is starting on a version of the Old Testament story of Noah.

X Factor causes mental health problems

Well I can’t say that I’m surprised. I always come away from the bits I have seen of it  emotionally scarred.

A star is born…..

Graham says hello to Bill

One of our great friends, Graham, came on holiday with us for our first two weeks of holiday in Italy. He and his wife, Maggie, have been friends since we lived in Cambridge when I was training for ordination at Ridley. Indeed, they were our next door neighbours in Milton where we lived.


The History of English in ten minutes….

The Open University has come up with ten one minute videos of a history of English. Great fun. The two I particularly liked were the making of the King James Bible and Shakespeare. Read More


For those who remember being scared by Dr Who….

Well the new season of Dr Who is under way. The producers are promising us a more scary series this time. So, I thought for all those who remember the fear of hiding behind the sofa during an episode of Dr Who I thought you might like to see Bill Bailey and Docteur Qui. Absolutely brilliant.