Inviting friends….. to the Hobbit

The Empire Cinema has just confirmed that we can take over a screen at Sutton Cinema to go to see the Hobbit! 

Booking and other details are on the Church Website.

Since we have only a limited number of seats (about 300 against our normal 580) and this is aimed at being an invitational event we will be prioritising those people from Springfield that bring a friend or family with them on a one-for-one basis (i.e. a family of four will need to find approximately four others). I do hope that you will support us on this and get out and invite friends to come along!

Information about the Hobbit, pictures and film clips are on my previous blog post. Do encourage your friends to book early to enable you and them not to be disappointed.

The time of the showing is likely to be about 12 noon (subject to change by the cinema) and likely to be 3D. Confirmation on both of those in the next 24 hours. The ticket price will be £5 (as opposed to an adult price for a 3D film of £8.95) for everyone. The film will have a 12A rating and we are hoping to meet afterwards up the road at Trinity Church (opposite the Civic centre/ Sutton Library) for refreshments (free of charge).

More information on the website and previous post.


One comment on “Inviting friends….. to the Hobbit

  1. Don Bross
    November 8, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    You need more readers, how isn’t this filled with comments!

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