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Reflecting on my trip to the 7 churches in Asia

Well, I’m sitting in a pavement cafe in Istanbul reflecting on my visits to the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Advertisements

A mission shaped future…

Last year I came across a project that was being launched by the Church of England to give funding to churches that might be able to show how the Church could grow on estates.


Singing in the Church at Butere

One final video to put up. The main singer was called Cecilia and she had the most wonderful voice. This video is of an entire song that she sang to enable you to get a flavour of the vibrancy of their worship. Enjoy! Read More

A brief guide to Messy Church

There was a little flutter on Twitter last night regarding Messy Church @davemagill not trying to be deep and meaningful, but two songs then an hour of craft ain't church – was fun though — The Church Mouse ن (@thechurchmouse) November 20, 2010 All very amicable but it got me thinking that it would be

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Youth Keep on Growing – what whould we do?!

Well Becca (our youth pastor) had this idea for a monthly youth event at the local sports  centre. At first things were fine. We had a good number coming along – mainly our younger youth and some of their friends.


It is always a joy when there is a baptism in church and last Sunday was especially joyful in that we had eleven of our young people being baptised. To make it even more special we set up a baptismal pool so that those who wanted to could be baptised by full immersion. I have

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