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Obama fiddling whilst Libya burns

I must admit it. I was pleased when President Obama became president. I’m not a big follower of US politics but I read the odd article. One of the things that seemed to be his strongest card was his realisation about how much the Guantánamo Bay camp was poisoning

Consumerism is the drug of an unjust society

#Obama 's spiritual adviser, American evangelist Jim Wallis: "Consumerism is the drug of an unjust society" — BBC Radio 4 Today (@BBCr4today) November 24, 2010 Great interview with Jim Wallis on the Today programme. Jim Wallis has had a big influence on the church in the United States. One of his key points is that

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A contrarian view of the Royal Marriage

Well they have finally announced that they are going to get married. I for one will be raising a cheer.Nor do I take the cynical view expressed on the today programme:


Gilbert and Sullivan & Barack Obama

Saw this on Bishop Alan’s blog. Operetta and Barack Obama. Great fun. Of course, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were always meant to have a political twist in them.