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Bain family blog of trip to Kenya


Bain Family blog – pictures of RUSH

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Lee and the family have given me some of the pictures of their recent trip to the RUSH project in Kenya. Some really lovely photos so I am posting them below. There are pictures of their safari at Lake Nakuru besides pictures at the RUSH project at Kakamega.

Bains family blog – on the way home

Last night the family had a party , cake , singing and gifts its emotional leaving and now we are on our journey home and it has turned out to be brilliant.

Bain family blog – Tuesday update

Yesterday was very hot, we spent the day at the school and went to assembly, then into the different classes, at lunch time we served lunch, Tierney makes a great dinner lady!

Bain family blog – Saturday update

It is Saturday morning, thank you sooo much for all your messages we love reading them.

Bain family blog: Update from Tiernay

I cant believe there are only 4 whole days left of our trip.

Bain family blog – latest update

Lucy went back to hospital for another treatment today so we went off to the golf hotel for a swim, play and some lunch. We had a lovely time, then pastor Sammy bought us back to the house where we had a great evening.

Bain family blog: Lucy sick

We got up yesterday morning ready to go to the RUSH meeting in town. en-route we stopped off at the school to check on Lucy’s sick cow. As the cow is an important milk source for the children at the school, Lucy is understandably very worried. Unfortunately it is no better.

Bain family blog: Arriving in Kakamega…

We were up early yesterday to get the bus to Kakamega- a bus that had all the seats bolted to the floor and seatbelts!

Bain’s family blog: On Safari

A good meal and after an early night we were up this morning ready for safari at Lake Nakuru!!!!!


Bains family blog: arrived in Kenya

Well we got all the suitcases on the flight easy . Breakfast on the plane at 3am was very strange, We are now in kenya, meet by andrew and arti at airport and drove to hotel, we are resting this afternoon as every one is very tiered. Then off on safari at 8.30am tomorrow. Lee