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Church Growth – from anecdote to evidence

recent church attendance for the church of engalnd

Last week I was at a fascinating conference – on statistics! I know, I know – you’re going to say statistics are boring or come out with that old canard “Lies, damned lies and statistics”. But actually statistics are incredibly important. Advertisements

An open letter to Tom Brake MP

Dear Tom, As my local MP I wanted to express to you my deep concern with the planned military response to the events in Syria by the government.


Church Website updated

Just a short post to say that we have just updated the church website.  Read More

Review of the Hobbit – An unexpected journey

Bilbo starts out on his adventure in the Hobbit

Well the Hobbit – An unexpected journey, has had mixed reviews by critics. Many have complained that it is too long at just under 3 hours for just six chapters of a short book.

Inviting friends….. to the Hobbit

The Empire Cinema has just confirmed that we can take over a screen at Sutton Cinema to go to see the Hobbit! 

Off to see the Hobbit…

Well it looks like we are nearly there. We are hoping to be able to confirm going to see the Hobbit in the next week or two!

Getting to grips with the Church of England….

General Synod of the Church of England

As some of you who read our weekly newsletter or attend Springfield will know is that we, along with St Paul’s Brixton and the Diocese of Southwark, recently won a bid from the Church Commissioners for developing estate based mission in South London.

Springfield Website

Since we launched the new Springfield website we have slowly been making incremental changes to it. I wanted to share with you some of the changes and some of the things about it that you may not have noticed. Some of these have come about due to user request

Olympic Games: What if…….

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Olympic games. It has been a great fortnight watching sports I don’t otherwise watch!


Summer Holiday Club with pictures

This gallery contains 66 photos.

The Springfield Holiday Club is now in its 11th year and going from strength to strength. We have over 200 children coming each year to enjoy a great week of fun, games, craft, bible stories, songs and drama.