Summer Holiday Club with pictures

The Springfield Holiday Club is now in its 11th year and going from strength to strength. We have over 200 children coming each year to enjoy a great week of fun, games, craft, bible stories, songs and drama.

This year’s theme was On Your Marks looking at the “Global Games”. As you may have noticed there was another set of games going on in London at the moment but they are a little protective of their name!

It was an amazing week with so much fun and laughter going on. The format each day was very similar. After children signed in they came in their groups into the main hall where we started with songs and then an introduction to the theme of the day by our two hosts Ian Quisitive and Wanda (otherwise known as Nick White and Sue Bosley!). This was followed by games and a commentary by the Commentator (otherwise known as Rick Adams) on the bible story of the day. What was lovely was the way that the children were able to settle down so well after being hyped up with the games and competitions. You could often hear a pin drop whilst Rick was talking to the children about a story that Jesus told.

After this time together it was off to group time which included story time, craft time and games time – a manic hour! The games seemed to get increasingly damp through the week – to the extent that the year 6 group ended up with a planned water fight on Friday!

The final part of the morning was back in the hall for more singing and a drama that became increasingly tense through the week – where the nasty Mr Tip tried to close down the Sports centre (lots and LOTS of boos – surprised that John Burton, for it was he, is able to show his face anymore!).

The great thing about the Holiday Club is not only the week of fun but also the BBQ that we hold on the Sunday linked with the service. One of the things that I love about Springfield is that we want to build community and this is one of those weeks when it is a great opportunity to help build it between those who come. What we find is that many people who come don’t have a Christian faith, or they may not be sure what they believe or if they believe. And that is fine from our point of view. The Church exists for those outside the Church and this is a chance to show that.

The Holiday Club costs us more than we get from people paying but it so worth every penny of our investment in building community with people. This year we had an awards ceremony at the Sunday service where we got the children to show a picture that they had made and then receive a gold medal on a podium – it was lovely to see.

What was really amazing was that the team, led by the indomitable Chris White, had 110 helpers this year to make it all happen! Amazing!

If you know anyone who was there or who would like to see the pictures then do let them know about the pictures below.

John Nicholls very kindly took a load of pictures on the Friday and they can be seen below (usual tip: click on a picture to see it full size and you can then go through all of them in this way)


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