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Getting down to business – RUSH style

We’ve been in Kakamega now for 10 days and only got one day left here before we head back to Nairobi via Lake Nakuru. It’s been a great reminder out here, as usual, that makes you realise how much we take for granted. Advertisements

Time in Kenya

Well I arrived in Kenya with three of my daughters to visit the RUSH charity we support last Saturday. It was one of those journeys you would rather forget!

Toilet twinning at New Wine…

Toilet Twinning team at New Wine

One of the most innovative charities that I came across at New Wine was Toilet Twinning. They are a charity that looks to provide safe sanitation around the world.

Five Talents – help them to raise money for some of the poorest in the world

Five talents microfinance organisation

Five Talents is a great microfinance organisation that Springfield supports. It provides small affordable loans to people who can’t otherwise access credit in some of the poorest parts of the world enabling them to start small sustainable businesses.

Out of touch government advisor resigns

Lord Young of Graffham (picture left) has just resigned as a government advisor. Quite right too. What he said was not only deeply offensive but showed how unaware he is of so many people’s plight. Here is what he said: “For the vast majority of people in the country today, they have never had it

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Helping the poor

There is a great article in this morning’s Telegraph by Ian Birrell on helping the homeless and the poor. It’s based on a Joseph Rowntree Foundation study  that looked at helping some of the hardest homelessness cases. Instead of dictating to those on the streets what they needed to do – they asked them. The

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