Motto card 2013

Motto card for Springfield Church 2013

Each year we have a motto card that shares what we believe that is on God’s heart for us as a church. So we published these in 2011 and 2012Read More


New Motto card for 2012

Motto verse for Springfield Church 2012

Well the new motto card has been ordered and should be here for Sunday! Read More


The miracle that you are….

Well what are the odds that it was you that was born?
And what are the implications of it? Read More

25 Years ago today……

Well its 25 years since I married the lovely Angie. We’re off to London for the evening to celebrate. Here’s to the next wonderful 25 years…..


Holy Week Holy Saturday: Meditation 7

In Koine Greek, indeed in all early Greek, there is no punctuation. No mark to signify a break.

Indeed in the ancient manuscripts no verse numbering or chapters.

Just text. Read More


Good Friday Holy Week: Meditation 6

Detail from painting by macha Chmakoff - Father forgive them

Do we expect Jesus’ prayers to be answered?

Do you think that if Jesus prayed for you His prayer would be answered? Read More


Holy Week: Meditation 5

Tissot's picture of Christ is mocked in the House of Caiaphas

Christ Is Mocked in the House of Caiaphas

Well I don’t know how many of you have stayed with me so far this week.

But I wonder if you will after today. Read More


Holy Week: Meditation 4

William Blake's The Agony in the Garden

I’ve got here a bit early in the week, I know. Read More


Holy Week: Meditation 3

Christ drives out the merchants from the temple by Turner

I remember seeing part of the BBC drama The Passion a couple of years ago. It showed the great cleansing of the temple scene. Read More


Holy Week: Meditation 2

Why this waste? Matt 26:8

There is a great story told in Matthew, Mark and John’s Gospels of a woman coming and anointing the feet of Jesus with perfume. Read More