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Stories about statistics, its quirks and why its important

Church Growth – from anecdote to evidence

recent church attendance for the church of engalnd

Last week I was at a fascinating conference – on statistics! I know, I know – you’re going to say statistics are boring or come out with that old canard “Lies, damned lies and statistics”. But actually statistics are incredibly important.

Getting to grips with the Church of England….

General Synod of the Church of England

As some of you who read our weekly newsletter or attend Springfield will know is that we, along with St Paul’s Brixton and the Diocese of Southwark, recently won a bid from the Church Commissioners for developing estate based mission in South London.


The miracle that you are….

Well what are the odds that it was you that was born?
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Statistics, wikio and blogs.. and why you shouldn’t take much notice

Well you won’t know this (just because I bet you don’t) but according to Wikio I am the 46th top blog in the UK to do with Religion and Belief (as a reference point – Nick Baines is number 16). And here is my Wikio badge to prove it:

How long has it been? Really?

Well today is the sixth month “anniversary” of the blog. Just thought you would like to know! And being a statistician I thought you might want to know some of the statistics!! No, really – you do.

Is religion about to become extinct?

The BBC is reporting a new study that suggest that religion is dying and on its way to extinction. It’s a fascinating study and I’m very interested by it. It is no. 8 in my series Theological Questions To Which The Answer is No but it is more subtle than a straight rejection.

More questionable statistics

I hate bad statistics. I posted before about the statistics of the Hitchens vs Blair debate. Statistics are important to make good decisions. Statistics are vital in things like medicine. Statistics help us see whether a drug is or isn’t safe. Some of the worst examples in medicines are because mistakes are made in the

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