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Staff Away Days

Well we’re back! Did you miss us??!! Seriously though, we had a really productive time away, looking at some of the areas that we believe that God is calling to grow as a church.

Church life without a centre

Well this is the week when we move out of our Church Centre. We have been there for five years and it has been a great place to have. Central to Wallington, just about enough room for meetings such as staff and PCC, visible, accessible, easy-ish parking.

Leader’s Away Day – Church Centre

We had our leaders away day on Saturday when between 40-50 leaders got together at St Paul’s, Howell Hill to look at several key areas for the future of Springfield.

All aboard Noah’s Ark….

Our readings in staff prayers on Monday and Tuesday were about Noah and his ark (for any clergy readers, yes we do use the lectionary for staff prayers!).