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Trip by (mostly) members of Springfield Church to RUSH, Kakamega, Kenya in February 2012.


Rose Pictures – Building Josephine’s House

This gallery contains 41 photos.

The fourth set (of four!) of pictures by Rose of our recent trip to RUSH in Kakamega. These are of our building a mud house for Josephine, a widow, near to Kakamega


Pictures from Rose – RUSH School

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Third set of pics (out of four) from Rose with pictures of the school taken on our recent trip to the RUSH project in Kakamega, Kenya. A few pics at the end are of the church at Butere.


Pictures from Rose – Pictures of the RUSH project and Kakamega

This gallery contains 41 photos.

This is the second of four posts of pictures by Rose of her pictures of the RUSH project (that is where the feeding plan for the widows, the training in IT, carpentry and dress making occurs) and of Kakamega town.


Pictures from Rose regarding RUSH – On Safari at Lake Nakuru

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This is the first of four posts showing pictures taken by Rose of the trip to RUSH, Kenya (she had the best camera!) This post is pictures taken of our Safari at the beginning of our trip to RUSH.


Singing in the Church at Butere

One final video to put up. The main singer was called Cecilia and she had the most wonderful voice. This video is of an entire song that she sang to enable you to get a flavour of the vibrancy of their worship. Enjoy! Read More

Reflections on out trip to RUSH, Kakamega

On the plane back to the UK on Monday we all wrote a short reflection on our time working with RUSH in Kakamega. It was an overwhelming experience and difficult to put into a few words.

Our last day in Kenya

Sunday was supposed to be an early start for us to drive about an hour away to the church lucy and Andrew pastor in Andrew’s home town of Butare. Unfortunately, Lucy’s malaria had not completely been dealt with and she needed to go back to Dr Bomji’s.


Video of our building a mud house in Kakamega, Kenya

Well, I posted about our building a mud house for a widow called Josephine yesterday with some pictures. But we also took loads of video. We have put this together to make a short film of our making the house. Read More


Building a house – Kenyan style

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Well it has been very much a Kenyan week this week and I find myself all too easily slipping into Kenyan ways. One of the endearing things that you will hear is a chorus of “sorry, sorry” if you slip or bang your head or get something wrong. Well yesterday I heard myself saying “sorry,

Read More

Videos from Friday

There is always so much to see at RUSH and it is tempting to try and show everything! But I suspect, dear reader, it might get too much. So we have tried to show short clips of up to a minute. Read More