20th Anniversary SALT Magazine out tomorrow….

Just a quick note to check back tomorrow at about lunchtime for the 20th anniversary edition of SALT. They will be available from Church tomorrow morning but there will also be an online version for you to read if you can’t make it tomorrow (though how you can bear to miss the 20th anniversary service with “you know who” beats me!!).

It really is a superb edition (Rosie you have done amazing job) with some great interviews and highlights of the last twenty years – articles from David Lewis and Tim Humphrey who launched Springfield and from people old and new about how their lives have been impacted by the church. Do pick up a copy to read or read it here tomorrow.



Andrew Amukowa is new chairman of Western Province Football!

Great news from Kenya today. Andrew Amukowa who, along with Lucy, run RUSH has just won a major football election in Kenya in a landslide. Read More


Bains family blog: arrived in Kenya

Well we got all the suitcases on the flight easy . Breakfast on the plane at 3am was very strange, We are now in kenya, meet by andrew and arti at airport and drove to hotel, we are resting this afternoon as every one is very tiered. Then off on safari at 8.30am tomorrow. Lee


New series of Holy Week Meditations

Starting this Sunday I shall be doing a daily series of meditations on the blog looking at various bits of the Easter story.

I am aiming at just taking a small part of the final week and wondering aloud about it.

Do join me if you can (or want to!).

The first one can be found here.


Site Update

I’m sure that you won’t care at all, but I have changed the website design. I’ve done it to allow ease of finding things on the blog (and that the load time of the blog was going up). There are many more styles of post available (video, gallery, image, aside, link etc) and many of them have a symbol next to them to allow you to select all the posts of that type.

I have also updated the drop down menus – not quite finished – but again aimed at being able to get to areas of potential interest. Under the Sitemap menu I have put a variety of different ways of viewing posts from Timelines, Archives and Sitemap as well as a number of the Post types.

One other thing that this gives is a tabbed system for Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Comments.

I admit it I’m a geek.


More Good Samaritan Stories

The BBC has followed up its original article with 10 more stories of Good Samaritans

It’s obviously caused a lot of interest which I hope is good for the public good. Do tell me if you have any Good Samaritan stories of your own. I am sure that encouraging one another with stories helps us to act it out in life.