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What a proposal

You will know by now that I am a sucker for a flashmob. I have already posted a couple of great ones about Easter in Lebanon and the Random act of Culture. Well this one is not quite in that league but it is fun. Read More


Quote of the Day

No matter how right we are in what we believe about God, no matter how accurately we phrase our belief or how magnificently and persuasively we preach or write or declare it, if love does not shape the way we speak and act, we falsify the creed, we confess a lie. Believing without loving is what gives religion a bad name. Believing without loving destroys lives. Believing without loving turns the best of creeds into a weapon of oppression. A community that believes but does not love or marginalises love, regardless of its belief system or doctrinal orthodoxy or ‘vision statement’, soon, very soon, becomes a ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Rev 2:9)

Eugene Peterson, Christ Plays in Then Thousand Places


Shallow small groups

How to have a superficial small group.

Great video. Hat tip to Bryony Taylor for the link

I think that I’ve missed something…..isn’t something happening on Friday?

Well I knew that I wasn’t thinking straight recently.


More Good Samaritan Stories

The BBC has followed up its original article with 10 more stories of Good Samaritans

It’s obviously caused a lot of interest which I hope is good for the public good. Do tell me if you have any Good Samaritan stories of your own. I am sure that encouraging one another with stories helps us to act it out in life.

Nakedness, politics and wikileaks

One of the more amusing tweeters that I follow is @julian_ass purporting to be the wikileaker Julian Assange. One of the more humorous of his(?) was this tweet: There is a huge amount of angst going on at the moment regarding politics and just as MP’s expenses was at the heart of it last

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