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Change and Continuity at Canterbury…

The new archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

So, it is going to be Justin Welby for Archbishop of Canterbury. In many ways the media are signalling a big change in the leadership of the Church of England.

Archbishop Rowan and Fresh Expressions

One of the fascinating things that Rowan talked about both in his resignation interview in March and with us on our anniversary Sunday was about Fresh Expressions, new ways of being church.


Pictures from visit of Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield – Revised Edition!

This gallery contains 113 photos.

Gordon, who took so many of the brilliant photos of Rowan Williams visit to Springfield, has told me that I put the wrong set of pictures up online!


Springfield Church on the Fresh Expressions Website….

Fresh Expressions have just published an article I wrote (last night!) for them about the visit of ++Rowan to Springfield and the difference I believe that has made for us as a church. I’m in the process of writing a longer article about his visit to go up in the next day or two reflecting on his visit (in between everything else!).


New Pictures of the visit of ++Rowan to Springfield Church

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Well there were some others taking photos on Sunday other than Gordon! Here are some that the Sutton Guardian and the Press Association have sent through and said that I may use for the blog and the website


New story about Rowan’s Visit on Sutton Guardian

There is an article in the Sutton Guardian about the visit of Rowan last Sunday to Springfield. I have also been sent a few wonderful photos from some of the photo agencies and will try and get them up later today.


Pictures of the Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield Church

This gallery contains 39 photos.

Well what a great day it was on Sunday with the Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Springfield Church. We have now got some of the photos from the day (and I am hoping for a few more!).


Archbishop Rowan’s Sermon at Springfield Church

Managed to upload ++Rowan’s sermon that he gave to Springfield on Sunday onto Youtube. Well worth listening to. Set of pictures will be up later. I’m still gently coming down to earth…. Read More


Article on Archbishop of Canterbury’s website

Article on Archbishop of Canterbury’s website

Article now up talking about Springfield on the Archbishop’s website with a transcript and link to the video.


++Rowan’s interview with Isabella

You might be interested in what ++Rowan said about his move to Cambridge. Isabella had a very brief interview with him just before yesterday’s service: http://bit.ly/FPAci0