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Christmas Message

I didn’t mention to many that I was asked to give a Christmas day message on Radio Jackie. Must admit that I didn’t listen to it being broadcast but if you are interested it is on their website. I was talking about my experiences in the Holy Land this autumn. You can listen to it

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Twelve days of Christmas…

My daughters were off to the Albert Hall last week to see a Christmas concert with their grandmother and cousins. One of their favourite was the 12 days of Christmas performed in a round (with actions) which we proceeded to perform yesterday over Christmas lunch – great fun! Read More

Rowan William’s Christmas Eve message….

Happy Christmas to all my readers. May you have a lovely and peace-filled Christmas. Three great services to go still – Christingle and Midnight today and Christmas morning tomorrow. After such a brilliant weekend last week I’m really looking forward to the remaining ones. Just got to do the preparation for Christmas lunch (making the

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Nativity Service photos….

We would normally put these on the Church website so excuse me for putting them here on my blog (but I was having problems with doing it and our web administrator is ill and we did say to people that we would make them available to see!)

The Nativity Factor

Nativity Factor winner - Gavin Tyte's beatbox nativity

ITV have been running a great competition called Nativity Factor with people entering short videos of their re-telling of the Nativity.

What are you favourite and worst carols?

Choir singing at Springfield Church Carol Service

Earlier this week I asked you what your favourite Christmas service is?

Christmas starts with Christ…

2011 However you dress it up

Well the new advertising for Christmas from ChurchAds is out. It is an interesting and arresting picture. The characters portrayed are shown in modern dress

What’s your favourite Christmas Service?

Springfield Nativity Service

Well we’re just about to embark on our Christmas Services here at Springfield, so I wondered what your favourite Christmas Service is.

Why our view of Christmas is so often wrong…..

It is fascinating to look at the Christmas story and see that actually the real Christmas story has been wrapped up in tinsel and wrapping paper and so strongly covered that we are in real danger of making the Christmas story only fit for children. Only two of the Gospels look at the birth narrative,

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Christmas Tree Traditions

Arriving home with the Christmas Tree

Well we got it! We managed to fight our way through the crowds and come back alive with it.