The Nativity Factor

Nativity Factor winner - Gavin Tyte's beatbox nativity

ITV have been running a great competition called Nativity Factor with people entering short videos of their re-telling of the Nativity.

This year was won by the Beatbox nativity. The vicar, Gavin Tyte, who did this has the incredible ability to make all those sounds with just his voice – though he describes his ability as like marmite – you either love it or hate it. Indeed, it appears that he has been working on beatbox since the age of 8! I first heard about it from David Keen’s blog who has been blogging about it for the past few weeks.

There were other great ones in the competition. I especially like the sat-nav nativity

and that made as a taster by ITV with an up-to-date political feel to it

You can see all the runners and riders and runners-up on the Nativity Factor website


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