Twelve days of Christmas…

My daughters were off to the Albert Hall last week to see a Christmas concert with their grandmother and cousins. One of their favourite was the 12 days of Christmas performed in a round (with actions) which we proceeded to perform yesterday over Christmas lunch – great fun!

In past years we have had such things as little whistles each playing a different note that you then have to play in sequence to get a tune.

Anyway, as I was preparing lunch (or was it clearing away? – its all a bit of a haze!) I heard the Twelve days of Christmas by John Julius Norwich being performed on the radio. Absolutely hilarious – it imagines the gifts actually being delivered to someone. Tracked down this version on Youtube – if you haven’t heard it before it is well worth a listen


One comment on “Twelve days of Christmas…

  1. Angela Baker
    December 27, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Very clever! And a cautionary tale for anyone sending surprise presents this Christmas x
    However, some surprises are welcome. My favourite present so far has been a football DVD from a dear friend who supports my team’s arch rivals!
    Happy New Year.
    Angela x

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