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Meditation for Tuesday of Holy Week

Today’s reading, in the Church of England lectionary, is a strange one. It starts by describing a group of Greek people who wish to talk to Jesus.

Meditation for Monday of Holy Week

One of the things that you get from reading and re-reading the Gospels again and again is the sense and depth of the emotions. It’s also the universality of the themes.

Palm Sunday Meditation

How do you portray Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? What art works for it? It’s a strange event. It has Jesus, a donkey, weeping, a crowd shouting out, a city, a group of protagonists, high drama and expectation. Surely, all the ingredients for a great work of art. Yet it is a strange event.

Why our view of Christmas is so often wrong…..

It is fascinating to look at the Christmas story and see that actually the real Christmas story has been wrapped up in tinsel and wrapping paper and so strongly covered that we are in real danger of making the Christmas story only fit for children. Only two of the Gospels look at the birth narrative,

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What’s in a name….

Some Hindus are followers of Jesus

We are in the season of Advent when we look back to the time Jesus came and we are looking forward to Jesus coming again. But is this good news just for Christians?

Friday is the end……

Harold camping who runs Family Radio Worldwide

Well that is according to my favourite religious nutter, Harold Camping. It is he good reader who you may remember said that the world was coming to an end five months ago.

How can you help your church live out its values?

This is the second in a short(ish) series on values and how you can help your church live out of them. In my last post I said I believed that values were more important than vision. But if so, how can you build a church around a set of values?

Vision and Values

I have always liked to think of myself as a visionary type. But I have been wondering whether that is always the best thing to be. I have raised aspects of this issue in the past here.

Ascension day meditation

Ascension day. Today. One of the great feast days of the Church. But what’s it all about?


Holy Week Holy Saturday: Meditation 7

In Koine Greek, indeed in all early Greek, there is no punctuation. No mark to signify a break.

Indeed in the ancient manuscripts no verse numbering or chapters.

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