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New Year… New opportunities…

Well happy New Year to everyone. It’s a strange time in the land of vicars leading up to Christmas. Not only do we have the busy service schedule (and grabbing time to buy presents, prepare for Christmas etc) but we also have to be thinking ahead to the new year and planning for the year

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Squeezed out of national life….

I recently wrote an article in which I was broadly supportive of David Cameron’s speech about faith just before Christmas. Just before I jet off to Kenya I was saddened to hear the recent ruling of a high court judge saying that council prayers are illegal.

Making space for Christmas this year….

I was listening to Radio 5 yesterday and there was a very interesting debate about Christmas between the presenter Shelagh Fogarty and the financial expert Martin Lewis about Christmas.

I’m back……

Well I’ve just got back from an amazing four weeks in Italy! Many of you will know that I love Italy and would probably have every holiday possible there if I could (afford it that is).

Making space for Christmas

One of the great dangers of Christmas is its busy-ness. We run round buying presents, preparing the meal plans. Decorating the house or flat. Deciding who we will be seeing (and not seeing). Running off to nativity plays, carol services and the like. But often we don’t pause to reflect. To consider the needs of

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Prayer and our Day of Prayer

Well I have just been down to the church centre to pray on our day of prayer. I must admit that I am an early bird type of pray-er. I prefer the early morning when it is peaceful and quiet (I also tend to be more awake then!). The rhythm that we have established as

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