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Shallow Small groups 2

I was preparing for our young adults weekend weekend away when I saw that there was a follow up (and no doubt you dear reader had spotted it years ago) to the Shallow Small Group video I posted some time ago. Read More

New Year… New opportunities…

Well happy New Year to everyone. It’s a strange time in the land of vicars leading up to Christmas. Not only do we have the busy service schedule (and grabbing time to buy presents, prepare for Christmas etc) but we also have to be thinking ahead to the new year and planning for the year

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Missional Community Groups

One of the most exciting areas that I saw whilst I was on sabbatical was the role that Missional Community Groups play in some of the churches I visited.

Spreading out in Warrington

My fourth church isn’t really one of the estates based churches that I am visiting on my sabbatical but I was strongly recommended to see what it was all about, especially as he was using many of the principles Phil Potter advocated when I was his curate in Haydock.

Why has Christianity declined so much in the Middle East?

My visit to the 7 churches in Asia Minor and my visit to Istanbul continues to make me think and to grapple with the decline of Christianity in the Middle East. The question I keep asking is why?

So now what should we be….

One of the most exciting development at Springfield is the developing of what we call River Ministries. These are ministries that we start in the community for the community.

A mission shaped future…

Last year I came across a project that was being launched by the Church of England to give funding to churches that might be able to show how the Church could grow on estates.

New Wine teaching CD’s and Videos

We had a great time at New Wine the week before last. There is lots to share about the Holiday Club last week, and we hope to have videos and pictures up later this week, but firstly a final note about New Wine. 

Staff Away Days

Well we’re back! Did you miss us??!! Seriously though, we had a really productive time away, looking at some of the areas that we believe that God is calling to grow as a church.

building for the next stage

Well after all the excitement of Sue and Donna’s ordination at the weekend it is back to work with lots to do. I and the staff team are away for three days working on the next stage of Springfield.