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What can we do in the face of such evil?

The situation in Iraq is just grotesque. Thousands trapped by a murderous cult, Islamic State, on the side of a barren mountain side with little food and water. Women and children killed, people crucified. All this happening in the glare of the worlds media.

Christmas Message

I didn’t mention to many that I was asked to give a Christmas day message on Radio Jackie. Must admit that I didn’t listen to it being broadcast but if you are interested it is on their website. I was talking about my experiences in the Holy Land this autumn. You can listen to it

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Interview on Local Radio regarding Syria

I was interviewed on Local Radio yesterday regarding my open letter to my my local MP, Tom Brake. Obviously, the situation has somewhat changed since yesterday given Parliaments vote to essentially do nothing.  Read More

An open letter to Tom Brake MP

Dear Tom, As my local MP I wanted to express to you my deep concern with the planned military response to the events in Syria by the government.

When you think of Muslims….

Muslims have been in the news a lot in recent days. There has been a lot of conflict in recent weeks over some rubbish film made in California that is anti-muslim. The result has been violent protest and deaths around the world.

Rowan William’s Christmas Eve message….

Happy Christmas to all my readers. May you have a lovely and peace-filled Christmas. Three great services to go still – Christingle and Midnight today and Christmas morning tomorrow. After such a brilliant weekend last week I’m really looking forward to the remaining ones. Just got to do the preparation for Christmas lunch (making the

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Remember our fellow Christians this Christmas….

Tahrir Square Celebration in Arab spring

It is sometimes easy to forget that there are millions of Christians in the Middle East and their lot is not generally a happy one. There was an important but little reported debate in Parliament last Friday.

Giles Fraser – a principled stand

Giles Fraser ex-Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral

I haven’t always been a great fan of Giles Fraser. I was referring to him in my article where he was criticising Fresh Expressions last year. He can come across as too strident.

Religious Studies and social tensions

I was struck by some of the latest information coming out of exams recently. I said on a previous post that I was ambivalent about School assemblies. But this is different. I don’t know if you know that the number of students taking GCSE Religious Studies has risen by a significant amount in recent years.

Why do we do conflict so badly?

Angry scene - couple and mother-in-law

Why do we get so interested in the conflicts of others? There is a viral email doing the rounds from a potential mother-in-law to her potential daughter-in-law. It makes for excruciating but fascinating reading. It is a car-crash of an email for both sender and receiver.