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Church Growth and the state

There is a very much travelled narrative in the UK that the Church is in a nosedive decline to marginalisation and irrelevance. The case for this is the falling church numbers in the Church of England and other mainstream churches. Advertisements

Rowan Williams resigns….

Well I must admit to being absolutely gob-smacked this morning to hear that Rowan Williams had announced his resignation. There had been rumours for ages that he was going to resign this year – 10 years as Archbishop is a long time and an exhausting one.

A contrarian view of the Royal Marriage

Well they have finally announced that they are going to get married. I for one will be raising a cheer.Nor do I take the cynical view expressed on the today programme:

Comprehensive Spending Review, an evening with Tom Brake

Many people in this country have been and will be affected by the Comprehensive Spending Review. Whether you are very against it or see it as a necessary burden it is good to understand and try and engage with what it means for us individually and corporately. I (and I am sure many others) have

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Gilbert and Sullivan & Barack Obama

Saw this on Bishop Alan’s blog. Operetta and Barack Obama. Great fun. Of course, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were always meant to have a political twist in them.