Gilbert and Sullivan & Barack Obama

Saw this on Bishop Alan’s blog. Operetta and Barack Obama. Great fun. Of course, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were always meant to have a political twist in them.


2 comments on “Gilbert and Sullivan & Barack Obama

  1. Grace Gardner
    November 9, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    The picture of the boy and risk taking looked like he had a rather long catheter insitu on my screen so that would have been abuse of course, never in a million years could it be mistaken for a sword! Wierd pic.

    Barack’s one of the good men but hope he doesn’t get assassinated as he is genuine. Someone recently commented ‘have you noticed none of our politicians have assassination attempts?’ Well not one of the good ones some people might say.

    Rather melodramatic about ‘the crisp packet challenge’ – ha – maybe a future day time TV prog – 100 TV channels and nothing to watch. The Big Silence is very interesting though. Silence is truly golden in the Lord, the gateway to the soul as Abbot Christopher says.

    If my dad wanted to take me to watch performances of women, unable to function because of a serial adulterer wiping his feet on them and watch explicit sexual scenes I would be embarrassed at best and not appropriate to say what I would feel at worst. As a daughter I would want my dad to recognise that women are strong and capable. Femme fatalles don’t count too much in today’s world thank heavens.
    ‘Music’, however, ‘is an incomparably more delicate and powerful language in which to express the thousand vari-coloured moments of the spiritual life’. (Peter Illitch Tchiakovsky).

  2. Will Cookson
    November 9, 2010 at 11:33 pm #

    Hi Grace,

    Actually the boy in the picture is using a saw on the plank. The idea is to decide whether the risk he is taking is an acceptable risk or not – along the lines of “what is really the worst that could happen?”

    Of course, in neither Tosca nor in Cosi Fan Tutte is there explicit scenes of a sexual nature. There is though amazing music. Tosca is, of course, not a weak person at all.

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