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To lose two….

Graham Knowles, Dean of St Paul's Cathedral resigns

And so, as was so wittily written by Oscar  Wilde in his play The Importance of Being Earnest, the saying that is written has come to pass….

Giles Fraser – a principled stand

Giles Fraser ex-Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral

I haven’t always been a great fan of Giles Fraser. I was referring to him in my article where he was criticising Fresh Expressions last year. He can come across as too strident.

Nakedness, politics and wikileaks

One of the more amusing tweeters that I follow is @julian_ass purporting to be the wikileaker Julian Assange. One of the more humorous of his(?) was this tweet: http://twitter.com/Julian_Ass/status/9739155701501952 There is a huge amount of angst going on at the moment regarding politics and just as MP’s expenses was at the heart of it last

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Anglicanism Trending – but not in a good way

That was the headline in a tweet by Dave Walker a cartoonist: The term 'Anglican' is trending in the UK, but really not in a good way. — Dave Walker (@davewalker) November 8, 2010