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What can we do in the face of such evil?

The situation in Iraq is just grotesque. Thousands trapped by a murderous cult, Islamic State, on the side of a barren mountain side with little food and water. Women and children killed, people crucified. All this happening in the glare of the worlds media.

Christmas Message

I didn’t mention to many that I was asked to give a Christmas day message on Radio Jackie. Must admit that I didn’t listen to it being broadcast but if you are interested it is on their website. I was talking about my experiences in the Holy Land this autumn. You can listen to it

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Interview on Local Radio regarding Syria

I was interviewed on Local Radio yesterday regarding my open letter to my my local MP, Tom Brake. Obviously, the situation has somewhat changed since yesterday given Parliaments vote to essentially do nothing.  Read More

An open letter to Tom Brake MP

Dear Tom, As my local MP I wanted to express to you my deep concern with the planned military response to the events in Syria by the government.


The changing face of Lake Nakuru

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Our final stop on the way to Nairobi and home was Lake Nakuru. This is the third time I’ve been and this time we persuaded Andrew to go early (normally we set off at 9 or 10 but the animals tend to start slowing down mid morning).

Getting down to business – RUSH style

We’ve been in Kakamega now for 10 days and only got one day left here before we head back to Nairobi via Lake Nakuru. It’s been a great reminder out here, as usual, that makes you realise how much we take for granted.

Time in Kenya

Well I arrived in Kenya with three of my daughters to visit the RUSH charity we support last Saturday. It was one of those journeys you would rather forget!


The Empire that was …

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The trip to the 7 churches of Revelation was a wonderful experience and has given me much to ponder on. I haven’t had time to blog the last part of our trip to Istanbul as I’ve been on retreat in the beautiful Alps

When you think of Muslims….

Muslims have been in the news a lot in recent days. There has been a lot of conflict in recent weeks over some rubbish film made in California that is anti-muslim. The result has been violent protest and deaths around the world.

Toilet twinning at New Wine…

Toilet Twinning team at New Wine

One of the most innovative charities that I came across at New Wine was Toilet Twinning. They are a charity that looks to provide safe sanitation around the world.