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Trip to Turkey to visit the 7 churches mentioned in the book of Revelation in 2013

My Sabbatical

Well the three months passed quickly! Coming back into land with Sunday’s service I now have a growing agenda of things that need to be addressed and to be thought through. Advertisements

Is this the staff of Moses or the cooking pot of Abraham?

Well one aspect of the Topkapi palace I drew a veil over and that was the issue of the sacred relics in the Sacred Safekeeping Rooms.


The Empire that was …

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The trip to the 7 churches of Revelation was a wonderful experience and has given me much to ponder on. I haven’t had time to blog the last part of our trip to Istanbul as I’ve been on retreat in the beautiful Alps

Why has Christianity declined so much in the Middle East?

My visit to the 7 churches in Asia Minor and my visit to Istanbul continues to make me think and to grapple with the decline of Christianity in the Middle East. The question I keep asking is why?

Reflecting on my trip to the 7 churches in Asia

Well, I’m sitting in a pavement cafe in Istanbul reflecting on my visits to the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation.


Clambering over the ruins of Miletus & Didymas

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Our final day in the area of the 7 churches were visits to two ancient cities that were not connected with the 7 churches – Miletus and Didymas. Miletus was the city to which Paul asked the Ephesian elders to meet him on his way to Jerusalem where he knew that things were reaching a

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Amazing day in Ephesus

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There was only one item on our agenda today and that was Ephesus. Ephesus contained one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis. It played a significant part in the life of the early church with both Paul and John ministering there.


Hierapolis, Laodicea and Smyrna

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Well yesterday we have had another busy busy day! We were staying in a hotel just down the road from the pools of Pamukkale (more of that anon). In our previous hotel we had been woken up at 5am each morning by the call to prayer.


Thyatira, Sardis and Philadelphia

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Well its been an exhausting day today as we have tried to cover a huge amount of ground. Given that we didn’t get to Smyrna ( modern Izmir) on our first day we ended up just doing Pergamum (which was amazing! Indeed our guide said we can do it in 2 days but often he

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Well I had started a blog post,ready in waiting so to speak, about Smyrna. But after our long flight (with an hour’s delay due to flight and lost luggage – 2 of our party sadly) we got out of the airport to be told we had a 2 hour coach journey as our guide decide Izmir (smyrna) wasn’t

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