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Shallow Small groups 2

I was preparing for our young adults weekend weekend away when I saw that there was a follow up (and no doubt you dear reader had spotted it years ago) to the Shallow Small Group video I posted some time ago. Read More

Church Growth – from anecdote to evidence

recent church attendance for the church of engalnd

Last week I was at a fascinating conference – on statistics! I know, I know – you’re going to say statistics are boring or come out with that old canard “Lies, damned lies and statistics”. But actually statistics are incredibly important.

What’s in a name?

In the first part of our Leaders Away Day last Saturday we looked at what different ministries and congregations were. What I have begun to realise is that if we don’t have a clear common understanding of what we expect from a ministry or congregation then it is very easy to be pulling in differing

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So now what should we be….

One of the most exciting development at Springfield is the developing of what we call River Ministries. These are ministries that we start in the community for the community.

Why women should be Bishops….

first african female bishop

There has been a great deal of fury over the decision of the General Synod of the Church of England to not ratify legislation to appoint women as bishops.


Great article on women’s bishops

I’m off to hear Rowan Williams at the Fresh Expressions conference. I do hope to write more about the women bishops and the theology of it.

In the meantime Ian Paul has written an excellent article:

What does the decision on women bishops mean

Murder in the Cathedral…. women bishops

It was a bad day yesterday for the Church of England. There hasn’t quite been a Thomas a Beckett style murder in the Cathedral but it has been a disastrous own goal for the Church of England. Indeed it was an unforced error. No-one from outside made the Church do this. 

Change and Continuity at Canterbury…

The new archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

So, it is going to be Justin Welby for Archbishop of Canterbury. In many ways the media are signalling a big change in the leadership of the Church of England.


Springfield…. New interview on Fresh Expressions

Cafe Church - Sue Speaking

Fresh Expressions have just published a video interview with Sue Bosley and myself. We were asked some time ago to do one and what with diaries etc we had to wait until the middle of September and its only just now been published. Read More

Staff Away Days

Well we’re back! Did you miss us??!! Seriously though, we had a really productive time away, looking at some of the areas that we believe that God is calling to grow as a church.