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Pictures from visit of Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield – Revised Edition!

This gallery contains 113 photos.

Gordon, who took so many of the brilliant photos of Rowan Williams visit to Springfield, has told me that I put the wrong set of pictures up online!


New Pictures of the visit of ++Rowan to Springfield Church

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Well there were some others taking photos on Sunday other than Gordon! Here are some that the Sutton Guardian and the Press Association have sent through and said that I may use for the blog and the website


New story about Rowan’s Visit on Sutton Guardian

There is an article in the Sutton Guardian about the visit of Rowan last Sunday to Springfield. I have also been sent a few wonderful photos from some of the photo agencies and will try and get them up later today.


Pictures of the Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield Church

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Well what a great day it was on Sunday with the Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Springfield Church. We have now got some of the photos from the day (and I am hoping for a few more!).


Archbishop Rowan’s Sermon at Springfield Church

Managed to upload ++Rowan’s sermon that he gave to Springfield on Sunday onto Youtube. Well worth listening to. Set of pictures will be up later. I’m still gently coming down to earth…. Read More


20th Anniversary SALT Magazine out tomorrow….

Just a quick note to check back tomorrow at about lunchtime for the 20th anniversary edition of SALT. They will be available from Church tomorrow morning but there will also be an online version for you to read if you can’t make it tomorrow (though how you can bear to miss the 20th anniversary service with “you know who” beats me!!).

It really is a superb edition (Rosie you have done amazing job) with some great interviews and highlights of the last twenty years – articles from David Lewis and Tim Humphrey who launched Springfield and from people old and new about how their lives have been impacted by the church. Do pick up a copy to read or read it here tomorrow.


What questions do you want me to ask the Archbishop of Canterbury??

Well, as I have already mentioned once or twice we have the Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Springfield Church for our twentieth anniversary celebration this Sunday. 

Backwards and forwards……

Happy new year to everyone. It’s always good to review a past year and look forward to a new one. 2011 was generally a “good year” for me and mine. The economy may have been tanking, the world was in turmoil but there have been some really positive things last year.