Pictures of the Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield Church

Well what a great day it was on Sunday with the Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Springfield Church.

We have now got some of the photos from the day (and I am hoping for a few more!).

Everyone I have spoken to has said how great the day was. It was great to have old friends and new as part of the celebration and to look back at the impact of Springfield over twenty years.

It was a real joy and privilege to have ++Rowan with us on Sunday and I think I speak for everyone by saying how relaxed and how brilliant he was.

Hoping that Becca and Donna will write up the youth breakfast (which we didn’t record) which showed ++Rowan at his best. The youth appeared to love their discussions with him and the Q&A session – including such immortal questions such as “What super-power would you choose?” and how he coped with the Royal Wedding.

I have to admit I loved all of it – the interviews with ++Rowan, Sue, John, Lucy, Andrew, Becky and Sue, the preaching, the communion, the youth breakfast (although unfortunately I couldn’t be in on all of it). It was so special that it was Mothering Sunday (which was the Sunday 20 years ago that Springfield was launched) and that 14 of our young people had their first communion that day as well.

A huge thank you needs to go to all those who gave up their time and energy to make the service possible – and especially to those who came in so early (7.30am) to help setup and get get ready. A special thanks to Gordon for these great photos.

So, what was your highpoint of the day?

(Usual tip: Click on a photo to make it large and start a slideshow)

I have uploaded others onto our Flickr account. If you want to see all 116 photos then click here to see all of them. You can download photos and have them printed for personal use.


One comment on “Pictures of the Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Springfield Church

  1. Carolyn
    March 20, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    Fab photos – I especially like the one of Archbishop Rowan giving out the flowers – with a genuine wonderful smile !

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