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Meditation for Holy Week: Maundy Thursday

Pilate washing his hands in front of Jesus

The great event that so often we associate with Maundy Thursday is the washing of the disciples feet by Jesus which I meditated on last year. This year I am following the Gospel lectionary readings and today we see Jesus before Pilate and Herod (Luke 23:1-25).

Holy Week Monday

The Gospel reading this year for Monday of Holy week is Luke 22:1-23. I am going to be following the readings this year rather than going through chronologically.

Meditation for Good Friday

Daniel Bonnell's - Color of Red - crucifixion

There is a song/hymn that we often sing in Church called “In Christ Alone”. Part of one of the verses runs like this:

Meditation for Maundy Thursday

We’ve come to the last supper. John’s Gospel has a large section on the Last Supper and has a series of actions and discourses that gets behind the ministry of Jesus. Its shot through with symbolism and meaning.

Meditation for Wednesday of Holy Week

The lectionary reading for today is a scene from the Last Supper. Indeed more specifically its the scene where Judas leaves to betray Jesus.

Meditation for Tuesday of Holy Week

Today’s reading, in the Church of England lectionary, is a strange one. It starts by describing a group of Greek people who wish to talk to Jesus.

Meditation for Monday of Holy Week

One of the things that you get from reading and re-reading the Gospels again and again is the sense and depth of the emotions. It’s also the universality of the themes.

Palm Sunday Meditation

How do you portray Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? What art works for it? It’s a strange event. It has Jesus, a donkey, weeping, a crowd shouting out, a city, a group of protagonists, high drama and expectation. Surely, all the ingredients for a great work of art. Yet it is a strange event.


Holy Week Holy Saturday: Meditation 7

In Koine Greek, indeed in all early Greek, there is no punctuation. No mark to signify a break.

Indeed in the ancient manuscripts no verse numbering or chapters.

Just text. Read More


Good Friday Holy Week: Meditation 6

Detail from painting by macha Chmakoff - Father forgive them

Do we expect Jesus’ prayers to be answered?

Do you think that if Jesus prayed for you His prayer would be answered? Read More