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Rob Bell and what struck me about his leaving message….

Rob Bell’s final “epistle” has been preached at his church Mars Hill. He is leaving the church that he founded and going off to California to work on a Drama project with the guy who wrote the hit TV series Lost, Carlton Cuse.


Asbo Jesus and Rob Bell

Loved this cartoon. It comes from ASBO Jesus by Jon Birch.

Simple and profound.

Jon Birch on Rob Bell and Jesus


Some Rob Bell Videos/ Interviews about Love Wins

Rob Bell promotional video:

Rob Bell explains the controversy about his new book to his church

Finally an extended interview with Lisa Miller of Newsweek. Very interesting (need to fast forward in to get to get past the preliminaries). Lisa Miller is Jewish and so raises some good questions for Rob Bell.

Finally my review of the book

Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell

Well I hope that you have been one of those that has missed the firestorm surrounding Rob Bell’s latest book Love Wins although it has been all over the Christian Press and blogosphere. Before I even start this review I have to admit that I really admire Rob Bell and think that he is a

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