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Media ownership, politics and why less might change than it ought

I was doing the funeral of a lovely man, Ron Nicholls yesterday. Ron, who’s son David is part of Springfield, used to work for the Times in the ’80’s when Murdoch took it over. He was one of the thousands sacked by Murdoch and he and David were on the picket lines most weeks for

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The Church, football and openness

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by someone new to Springfield Church about how we handled money. The backdrop was that we were having a Serving and Giving day and the person wanted to know how we spent money given to us and how open and transparent we were.

Democracy, middle east and peace – or not

egypt tahrir-square-cairo-protests

Jonathan Freedland writes a really important article in the Guardian today about the quandary facing Egypt and the Middle East. They fear they’ve seen this movie before. In the first reel, the world watches with awe as the streets of a distant capital fill with the young and the angry, brave enough to shake their fist at

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World Cup

‘Nuff said – I’ve said all I’m going to say here and here. Update (sorry I couldn’t resist) TWO votes. You've got to love Vladimir Putin, otherwise you have a mysterious death. — Jeremy Hardy (@JeremyJHardy) December 2, 2010 Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of Investigative Journalism: Now, let's have some real uncovering

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Has David Mellor been reading my blog?

I wrote an article some weeks ago about the “alleged” allegations of corruption at FIFA, the world football governing body and the dispenser of the incredibly lucrative and prestigious Football World Cup. I said at the time: we should just withdraw from the bid and ask for an open and independent review of FIFA and

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2018 England Football Bid and corruption

FIFA is laying into Britain by saying that the media investigation of them is outrageous and that it is harming the potential bid for the 2018 World Cup. You couldn’t make this up. So, the bid doesn’t depend on the fact that we have a good bid; it doesn’t depend on the fact that the

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