Has David Mellor been reading my blog?

I wrote an article some weeks ago about the “alleged” allegations of corruption at FIFA, the world football governing body and the dispenser of the incredibly lucrative and prestigious Football World Cup. I said at the time:

we should just withdraw from the bid and ask for an open and independent review of FIFA and how it makes decisions.

David Mellor

So what do we hear today from the BBC? Not only is the Panorama programme accusing three FIFA officials of taking bribes but the ex-politician David Mellor and former chairman of the Football Task Force for Tony Blair say:

“I can’t help feeling it would be a better role for England to actually be insisting on the reform of Fifa, making Fifa transparent, making Fifa accountable instead of kowtowing to Fifa in order to get the World Cup finals”, said David Mellor

I know that that article was read by oh, at least 10 people – so go on David admit it – you were one of them.

What it is to have readers in high places.




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