2018 England Football Bid and corruption

Mandela holding the World Cup

FIFA is laying into Britain by saying that the media investigation of them is outrageous and that it is harming the potential bid for the 2018 World Cup.

You couldn’t make this up. So, the bid doesn’t depend on the fact that we have a good bid; it doesn’t depend on the fact that the English league is the most prestigious in the world.

Rather it depends on an organisation, behind closed doors in secret, deciding who to award the games to. Who has members on it who when approached are alleged to have asked for payments to vote for a country. It’s the same organisation who put ‘extreme’ pressure on a grieving Nelson Mandela to attend the World Cup in South Africa.

The BBC is reporting that England haven’t given up hope.

Now it would be great for England to host the World Cup. But at what cost?

If we have to deal with such a pathetic organisation as FIFA maybe we should just withdraw from the bid and ask for an open and independent review of FIFA and how it makes decisions. It will be too late after we lose (as we now appear certain to do) – it will be dismissed as sour grapes.We won’t win a review immediately but over time the howls will rise and rise and they will have to grant one.

The problem is that the (now very slim) chance of winning clouds peoples minds.

Surely it would be better for football for us to lead the charge for a more open and above board way of allocating the games.

Although it would require self-sacrifice it would show an ethical way forward. A way that puts others over and above immediate gain.

Just my tuppence.



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