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Review of the Hobbit – An unexpected journey

Bilbo starts out on his adventure in the Hobbit

Well the Hobbit – An unexpected journey, has had mixed reviews by critics. Many have complained that it is too long at just under 3 hours for just six chapters of a short book.

Wilful Blindness – why we ignore the obvious at our peril – a review

I don’t know how many reviews have been held on things that have gone wrong and how many enormous documents have been written to change practises and to make sure “things don’t ever go wrong again”. Thousands upon thousands I imagine. And things do go wrong again. This book, Wilful Blindness by Margaret Hefferman, looks

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Guest post – Donna Lazenby – Review of William Craig vs Stephen Laws debate

On 17th October 2011 Ellie Cookson and I went to hear the opening debate in William Lane Craig’s series, ‘The Reasonable Faith Tour’. 

Speaking of Jesus – the art of not-evangelism

Carl Medearis book - Speaking of Jesus - the art of not evangelism

One of the most inspirational speakers that I have heard in all my years at New Wine has been the speaker Carl Medearis. Medearis spent twelve years based in the Lebanon and travelling around the Middle East talking to people about Jesus. His stories of what he did whilst in the Middle East were inspiring,

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Review of For the Parish – a critique of Fresh Expressions

There is a whiff of irony in reviewing this book by Andrew Davison and Alison Milbank in that our new curate has Andrew Davison as her tutor.


Some Rob Bell Videos/ Interviews about Love Wins

Rob Bell promotional video:

Rob Bell explains the controversy about his new book to his church

Finally an extended interview with Lisa Miller of Newsweek. Very interesting (need to fast forward in to get to get past the preliminaries). Lisa Miller is Jewish and so raises some good questions for Rob Bell.

Finally my review of the book

Review of Love Wins by Rob Bell

Well I hope that you have been one of those that has missed the firestorm surrounding Rob Bell’s latest book Love Wins although it has been all over the Christian Press and blogosphere. Before I even start this review I have to admit that I really admire Rob Bell and think that he is a

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Review – Bible’s Buried Secrets – The Real garden of Eden

Francesca Stavrakopoulou presents the BBC's Bible's Buried Secrets

Well this was the last in the series by Francesca Stavrakopoulou on the Bible’s Buried Secrets. I have already reviewed the previous two episodes Did King David’s Empire Exist? and Did God have a Wife?

Review – Bible’s Buried Secrets – Did God have a wife?

This is the second in a BBC series by Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou on the Bible’s Buried Secrets looking at the Hebrew Bible and archaeology. You can see my review of last week’s episode Did King David’s Empire exist?


Proud Father

Two articles written by flower no.2 for Varsity, Cambridge

Alina Cojocaru of the Royal Ballet talks to flower no. 2. An interview with one of the top ballerinas

The Stranger’s case  – reading beyond the statistics of immigration- also by flower no. 2