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My Blackberry is doomed – its the rise of the aye pad

Well, my beloved Blackberry Playbook is obviously doomed! The Daily Mash has said that there is a new tablet on the market – the aye Pad!! Details of this new tablet below. Even funnier are the articles below: Advertisements

Review – Blackberry Playbook

Most of you know that in my heart that I am a geek. Well, my latest bit of technology has been a Tablet – in fact a Blackberry Playbook (a combined present from my long-suffering family!). I have been using it for about a month now and thought a review was now in order.

Steve Jobs – in his own words – Rest in Peace

Steve Jobs Apple

The passing of Steve Jobs announced today is the passing of an icon of the modern age. Steve Jobs transformed how many people saw and interacted with technology.

New technology

There never seems to be a day when new technology or technological changes aren’t happening. For some they pass them by. For others, often called innovators, it excites them and they look forward to trying the new technology. So today I hear that the iPad 2 is being launched and also single CD’s are being

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