My Blackberry is doomed – its the rise of the aye pad

Well, my beloved Blackberry Playbook is obviously doomed! The Daily Mash has said that there is a new tablet on the market – the aye Pad!! Details of this new tablet below. Even funnier are the articles below:


There are a couple of other articles on the daily mash. Especially liked the one titled:iPad 3 buyers must undergo series of degrading trials

It includes such great quotes as:

Launching the device, Cook exuded quiet evil as he explained that, while the tablet is pretty much identical to its predecessor, the real development was that the company had decided to sadistically exploit its devotees.He said: “Potential buyers of the new machine, which is really just 4% shinier than iPad 2, will be expected to prove themselves worthy.

“Apple outlets will be transformed into extravagantly cruel assault courses. Customers are to be shaved head to foot, dipped in tanks of fluorescent de-lousing fluid and then zipped into maggot costumes.

“On assuming the role of ‘maggot’, the customer may say nothing except ‘I am a maggot and I crave only the Apple’.

Then there was the other article entitled:
Apple To Fix Malfunctioning iPad Customers

Apple is now offering an offline ‘fix’ for the problem where owners hand themselves in for psychological reconditioning and massive electric shocks.A spokesman said: “It’s a simple mental readjustment to make users more compatible with their iPads.

Reconditioned iPad owner Tom Logan said: “My iPad works perfectly, it’s simply that the rest of the universe, specifically the internet and my hotmail, has yet to fall into sync with its utter perfection.”And before you ask, it is the ideal size and will fit perfectly into my eight-inch trouser pocket, just as soon as the imperfect universe sees fit to create such a perfect garment.”

For my ipad loving readers you have been warned 

3 comments on “My Blackberry is doomed – its the rise of the aye pad

  1. Jean
    March 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Ha Ha! Your title may well be prophetic.

  2. Will Cookson
    March 11, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    Jean, I must admit I think daily mash have got them bang to rights! Over blown to make a point? Certainly, but works for me!!

  3. nig
    March 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    there is also the marinised salt water resistant model to contend with: the aye aye pad… beware of pirate versions… [also not to be confused with the model configured to run at 10% normal speed when held upside down, especially for errant sloths: the ai-ai pad]

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