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TQTWTAIN – No. 2 – Will more bishops leave the Church for Rome and other questions

Peter Bingle the chairman of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs tweeted this the other day. The second in my series of Theological Questions to Which  the Answer is No. I wonder how many more Anglican bishops will regard the CoE as a lost cause and move to Rome? — Peter Bingle (@Parsifal2) January 17, 2011 The

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The Ordinariate

It sounds like some strange cult – the Ordinariate. In fact its the Pope’s way of allowing Anglicans to cross over to the Roman Catholic Church (Just a point of terminology – catholic means universal and therefore when Anglicans use the term catholic in the creed we mean the universal church made up of Christians

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Anglicanism Trending – but not in a good way

That was the headline in a tweet by Dave Walker a cartoonist: The term 'Anglican' is trending in the UK, but really not in a good way. — Dave Walker (@davewalker) November 8, 2010