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Five Talents – help them to raise money for some of the poorest in the world

Five talents microfinance organisation

Five Talents is a great microfinance organisation that Springfield supports. It provides small affordable loans to people who can’t otherwise access credit in some of the poorest parts of the world enabling them to start small sustainable businesses. Advertisements

Squeezed out of national life….

I recently wrote an article in which I was broadly supportive of David Cameron’s speech about faith just before Christmas. Just before I jet off to Kenya I was saddened to hear the recent ruling of a high court judge saying that council prayers are illegal.


An Interview with Tony Benn and the influence of faith

Tony isn’t my favourite politician but my daughter did an interview with him for Varsity Magazine which you can read here. Read More

Assisted suicide and the “panel of experts”

The story is all over the news this morning about a new report by a “panel of experts” (according to the Independent) who are recommending that people be able to end their lives in the last year of their life. The Guardian calls it a major report.

Rowan William’s Christmas Eve message….

Happy Christmas to all my readers. May you have a lovely and peace-filled Christmas. Three great services to go still – Christingle and Midnight today and Christmas morning tomorrow. After such a brilliant weekend last week I’m really looking forward to the remaining ones. Just got to do the preparation for Christmas lunch (making the

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Remember our fellow Christians this Christmas….

Tahrir Square Celebration in Arab spring

It is sometimes easy to forget that there are millions of Christians in the Middle East and their lot is not generally a happy one. There was an important but little reported debate in Parliament last Friday.

Making space for Christmas this year….

I was listening to Radio 5 yesterday and there was a very interesting debate about Christmas between the presenter Shelagh Fogarty and the financial expert Martin Lewis about Christmas.

Alternative Occupy protests……

There are a number of witty alternative protests (or even skits on the protests) that were tweeted by benmiz to do with the protests against the financial world. Well worth seeing!Especially loved the Occupy Sesame street pics. H/t to benmiz for the tip off

Giles Fraser – a principled stand

Giles Fraser ex-Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral

I haven’t always been a great fan of Giles Fraser. I was referring to him in my article where he was criticising Fresh Expressions last year. He can come across as too strident.


Wendy blog – Images of RUSH

It was difficult to get photos onto the blog whilst I was out there and even harder to choose a few out of the 420 I took! But here is a selection of them. Read More