New Wine teaching CD’s and Videos

We had a great time at New Wine the week before last. There is lots to share about the Holiday Club last week, and we hope to have videos and pictures up later this week, but firstly a final note about New Wine. 

Each year we try and buy key CD’s and, this year, Videos of teaching at New Wine. We do this by sharing as a group what impacted us and would bear listening to again. So, these videos and CD’s are ones that we felt were worth listening to and are available for anyone in Springfield to borrow.

The videos, especially, can be great for a cell group to borrow and listen to and reflect on together. They are each some 30 – 40 minutes long.

If you would like to borrow one then please do contact the church office to borrow one. The teaching CD’s/ videos that we brought back this year are:


Francis Chan – 5 x morning Bible Teachings (a series on Character)

Francis Chan – 1 x Evening Celebration

Shane Claiborne – Evening Celebration


Christine Perkin – Courageous Trust

Christine Perkin – Courageous Risk-taking

Christine Perkin – Courageous Enduring

Christine Perkin – Courageous Lifestyle

Christine Perkin – Courageous Conversations

Sarah Richards – Connecting with your wider community

Jenny Spargo – Life changing mentoring

Chris Pemberton – More than survival

Janie Cronin – Evening Celebration


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