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My Sabbatical

Well the three months passed quickly! Coming back into land with Sunday’s service I now have a growing agenda of things that need to be addressed and to be thought through.

Caring in Clubmoor

My final visit to churches who had received development funding grants was to St Andrews, Clubmoor in Liverpool. Steve McGanity has been vicar at St Andrews since before I was a curate in Haydock!

Glo’ing in Offerton

Glo Church was planted in 2010 out of All Saints, Marple into the Offerton Estate which is a suburb of Stockton, Greater Manchester. This was the 5th church that I visited in my tour of churches who had received funding from the Archbishops Council for building up the church on estates in England.

Spreading out in Warrington

My fourth church isn’t really one of the estates based churches that I am visiting on my sabbatical but I was strongly recommended to see what it was all about, especially as he was using many of the principles Phil Potter advocated when I was his curate in Haydock.

Becoming Jesus shaped in Bradford

Bradford is maybe an unlikely place to find real innovation in the church going on, especially when you consider the large areas of deprivation. When I was here, briefly, in the 1990’s for a college mission there was a feeling of almost hopelessness in the parish I visited and a sense of feeling besieged.

Exploring growth in Birmingham

Birmingham was my second visit during my sabbatical looking at some of the places that had received funding from the Archbishops Council to grow the church in areas of deprivation.

Building community in Tolladine….

This was the first of my visits around the country to see how churches that had been recipients of the Archbishops council funding were planning to use their money and what they were looking to achieve in estates around the country. As recipients ourselves I am hoping to see what we might learn from the experience

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