Making space for Christmas this year….

I was listening to Radio 5 yesterday and there was a very interesting debate about Christmas between the presenter Shelagh Fogarty and the financial expert Martin Lewis about Christmas. Martin Lewis said as part of the discussion that

I am not a practicing Christian… [but] we have lost the purpose [of Christmas]

Shelagh Fogarty also said that

As a practising Catholic, it does bother me that Advent is about chocolate and not that sense of apprehension of what Christmas is meant to be about

I think that they are right. If non-Christians such as Martin Lewis are seeing this then we also need to make sure that we have Christmas in proportion and get our priorities right. It is so easy to get stuck into the busyness of Christmas and forget the gift of Jesus. Most of us are guilty of this (I know that I am!)

So, to help us prepare and to reflect and to make space for Christmas we are having a week of prayer next week where anyone can come and spend some time in the prayer room. There is no signup, just turn up Monday-Friday 9am-1pm (or up to 3pm on Wednesday and Friday) and spend some time in prayer. If you would like to go outside of those times then please contact us with enough time (we need a day or two’s notice).

To help us prayer and meditate we have transformed the prayer room to give it the feel of a stable and we hope that will help us to make space and focus.

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One comment on “Making space for Christmas this year….

  1. Steve
    December 2, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    It’s totally true, we’ve lost our way.

    Nile (8) said to me a couple of days ago “Papa, do you know what the spirit of Christmas is?”. “No”, said I, “Tell me”. “LYING!”. “You tell us there is a Father Christmas. There isn’t. You tell us he brings presents. He doesn’t: it’s you and Mama.”. “Oh.” Replied his father, grinning. “You’re right, of course”.

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