Videos from Friday

There is always so much to see at RUSH and it is tempting to try and show everything! But I suspect, dear reader, it might get too much. So we have tried to show short clips of up to a minute. One exception today is our interview with Renson who has been with RUSH just about since it started. He is a lovely man and we have recorded a slightly longer interview with him.

To start off with today is one of the Famous Ian. All the children know his name in the school and I often get asked if I am Ian!

Last time I showed a video of Becky blowing bubbles. This time its Gabi and the noise levels were something to behold!!

One of the big tasks over the 3 days in the school has been painting one of the nursery classes. Here we see what we have achieved (we did do more but it gives an idea)

Finally there is the interview with Renson. Do watch it gives you a flavour of the warmth and hospitality of people out here.


One comment on “Videos from Friday

  1. Chris & Joyce Clark
    February 19, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Hello Cecilé Nice to see you and watch the videos Must be a big eye opener for you and the team We go for evening meal with family this evening and will catch up on you next Sunday Kove from GP & Memé xx

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