Leader’s Away Day – Church Centre

We had our leaders away day on Saturday when between 40-50 leaders got together at St Paul’s, Howell Hill to look at several key areas for the future of Springfield. The morning was spent looking at what came out of the staff days away from before Christmas and I’ll do a separate post on that later this week. This one I want to get feedback on part of the afternoon’s discussion regarding the Church Centre.

As most of you will know we need to leave our current site by the end of April. This leaves us with the issue of what we should do next. No decision has currently been taken by the PCC other than that we would like to have a centre. But there are are a whole series of options that this leaves open to us.

Different options range from a smaller centre only used for administration to a larger centre on the High Street (for a lot more money!) that is open more than the average use of 31 hours per week.

The things that I think are generally agreed (meaning not everyone but the large majority of those on the away day) that were liked about the current centre were:

  • The visibility of the centre – just off the high st, with a shop window and display and a good number of people passing by means that it is highly visible in Wallington
  • Accessibility – The current centre has a high level of accessibility being in the centre of Wallington and with easy parking nearby
  • Use for smaller meetings – currently it is a squeeze to get the PCC into the centre and its not usually great for courses but it is useful for meetings by staff, counselling in a visible place, prayer days etc

Now, therefore we need to seek our next steps. It may be that none of the above are crucial and we go for something very different but it does give us an opportunity to think and pray through the options. The fact that the door has closed so tight on the current centre means that we do need to ask what God is saying to us about this.

We will be having this as a key theme of our week of prayer in the week leading up to Easter and we are also asking for submissions from everyone at Springfield as to what they would like to see in a new centre. Questions like: What would be important for you? What do you think we should be looking for? What should be using the centre for?

You can leave a comment here or email me and all thoughts will be brought to the PCC for discussion. We are very much at the early stages in what we may end up going for and so it would be good to have lots of different ideas!


2 comments on “Leader’s Away Day – Church Centre

  1. Rosie Edser
    March 5, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    I’ll set the ball rolling…

    If Chatterbox was going to meet there it’d need to be reasonably accessible by bus (ideally 157, 410, 154 or 407), could do with a couple of rooms and would be good to be able to make refreshments without it taking half an hour of faffing.

  2. Angela Hope
    March 5, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    It would be good to continue to have a visible venue and ideally large enough to acommadate meetings etc.

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