Church life without a centre

Well this is the week when we move out of our Church Centre.

We have been there for five years and it has been a great place to have. Central to Wallington, just about enough room for meetings such as staff and PCC, visible, accessible, easy-ish parking.

But on Wednesday we move out – and I’m excited.

Not because we have a larger more prestigious place to go, because we haven’t! Not because we are moving into a more visible place, because we aren’t! Not because it is more accessible, because it isn’t!

The reason I am excited is that it it’s an adventure and I have no idea what God is saying to us at the moment! But I do know that Springfield Church doesn’t exist to run along the same lines as other churches. It exists to be a new way of being church. It isn’t about bigger and better buildings – it’s about people. It’s about building relationships with people not how do we look after our buildings.

Church buildings exist to serve God’s Mission and not vice versa and I believe that they can all too easily become a millstone around our necks. We have always begged and borrowed and hired places to use and this is just an extension of our semi-nomadic lifestyle. It will be good to pare back the layers to discover what is essential for our future vision.

We have been very blessed by a family giving us a room to work from, but obviously, its not accessible to everyone.

Sometimes that can be scary and at the moment it is leading to all sorts of things that need sorting out. There are lots of questions:

  • where will we meet as a staff team,
  • where will the PCC etc meet,
  • how about pastoral care,
  • how will we keep together as a staff team,
  • how will people get things to the office
  • how about mail

So, this Wednesday we move out the last pieces from the centre and start a new phase of our life together. I have no idea where will end up having as a centre/ office but that doesn’t really matter, I am sure that God will show us and that is enough. The two images that come most readily to mind are Noah’s Ark and being afloat (for about a year!) or the people of God wandering through the desert having left Egypt (for 40 years!!). I hope that this period will help us focus more on people and on the important things to do with God.

Sorry about the lack of blogging recently. It’s all been a bit hectic and likely to remain so for a little while.


One comment on “Church life without a centre

  1. nig
    April 30, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Well, wednesday-ish came and went, but we finally moved on Monday 30th, with great help from a man with a van [called Bob].
    All the kit has been moved to the various locations that we think will be right, and the temporary office set up is nearly complete: we just need to connect to the internet tomorrow and it’s hopefully back in business. Do use our new phone number while we wait for BT to transfer the old landline. The phone number can be obtained on the newsheet on the Springfield Website

    [It’s on virgin mobile, so I think virgin landlines get free calls to it]



    Noah's apprentice and cage cleaner

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