RUSH Academy sustainability

One of the key challenges that so many charities in Africa face is that of sustainability. RUSH like many others currently depend on help from the UK. So, one of the things that we have been trying to do is to encourage them to work on sources of income in Kenya. 

They already have a field of maze that they hope to harvest and they also have planted a sugar cane field that they hope they can harvest in 18 months time. But the key is the school. They are currently thinking about their transport and whether it might be better to offer parents either barding or bring your child to school due to the cost of maintaining and running their buses.

The hire of the hall in the school we also hope will help with bringing in an income and the creation of posters by Sophie and Heidi has been useful for them to be able to start advertising it and we hope will benefit RUSH.

There key need need is more fee-paying parents (they have dropped from about 100 to about 60-70).

So, one of our projects whilst we have been out here is build a website for the school which will focus on parents who can afford to pay. So, there is no mention of any of the wider charity work that they do. We hope that this will help in attracting fee-paying parents and give RUSH a focus to help them (along with also constructing a Facebook page). As Kenya incomes rise and the use of the internet and smartphones increase then we hope that this will help them attract more students.

If you would like to see the website, designed by Isabella, it’s here:


One comment on “RUSH Academy sustainability

  1. Donna
    August 14, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Hay, well done Isabella (it looks really good)! And Heidi and Sophie too – you are building an inheritance, beautiful work.

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